Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Highlights

Although I am hoping 2011 brings about bigger and better things, 2010 is definitely worth taking a look back at.

The year began with me midway through my first year of teaching. It was a struggle but I was enjoying every minute of it, while D was celebrating 4 years at his current job.

D also took one step closer to 30. He has been aboard and riding for a while now, but he has quickly started his descent on "The Flight of the 20s". Of course, we celebrated (or mourned?) accordingly:

Soon after came another reason to celebrate: I graduated from grad school...

...with my SISTER!

D and I celebrated one year of marriage by taking a trip to one of my favorite places: Massachusettes. We spent a lot of time in Salem:

July brought good news while I was away at a workshop: I got rehired!

Yet another reason to celebrate...My coworkers and I had a great time!

August brought about some GREAT memories while on vacation... THIS being one of them:

...although I'm not quite sure D remembers that one all too well. Or maybe he would just like to forget. ;) We had a good time on a great cruise with even better friends.

I think my favorite part of our vacation was the mini trip to Orlando before the cruise. I got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which was everything I imagined it would be and more. I'm so happy as a fan of the series that I got to experience it right after it opened. I hope to go back one day maybe with some little ones who are even bigger fans than me.

The beginning of the current school year started off well and proved to be much easier the 2nd time around. D and I are relieved that the crazy work load days are now behind me since I'm no longer a newb.

Winter time brought some fun festivities! We went Ice Skating in Central Park with awesome, ugly Christmas sweaters:

There may be one or two highlights I've left out so check back for updates on how we navigated through a challenging but fulfilling year.

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