Saturday, January 15, 2011

We may have found a new apartment...

...but taking it would be a leap of faith. It's in a six-unit building and the apartment we looked at is under renovations. A lot of them. We saw it today and it's a hot mess. However, we love the layout and I trust the owners of the building. They own a fabulous, luxury high rise close by that people pay a pretty penny to live in. I am confident that they are doing this right and the end result will be a beautiful apartment, completed in the time frame they promised, that we are very happy with.

It's a 3 bedroom but really the third bedroom is tiny and could be used as a big walk in closet/dressing room area... (or an office, I guess). I personally like the dressing room/walk in closet idea. I wonder if I can get D on board with this idea... Maybe he will take a cue from Big, and design it behind my back to resemble  Carrie Bradshaw's. Sadly, even if he did so, mine will not be filled with Manolo Blahnik anytime soon. But I digress.

So we love the apartment but we have some concerns:

1. The renovations
2. No fridge! (Although, we are quite resourceful and a legal way to get one for free may have just fallen into our laps as I write this...)
3. The rent is significantly higher than what we pay now, but still doable
4. The ever present nagging fear that our living room furniture will not fit through the door (in this apt. or others)

But even with all of our concerns I am fairly certain we will be taking this apartment. It has so much more room than where we are living now so needless to say I can't wait to start packing up and high tailing it out of here!

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