Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Miscarriage is a quiet funeral attended only by the immediate mourners."

The waiting was over. The worst was confirmed. The question remained: Where do we go from here?

"I 'squoze' so hard I stopped your heart from beating."

Even before we found out I was pregnant we had been toying with the idea of moving. Our one bedroom apartment was old news and we were so over not having enough space to live. And tripping over each other in a cramped space just wasn't an option anymore after we saw those two pink lines.

Off to Craig's List we went to find an apartment that fit us, our stuff, our baby and our budget. And eventually we found one

Good news, bad news.

I've just made public a post I wrote many months ago and saved as a draft. I intended to make that post public much sooner but then things changed. Considering the subject of the post was announcing my pregnancy, I no longer had a need to make it public since only one month after it was written, we lost our baby.

*The following is a post I wrote back in December of 2010*

Before reading please realize what I am about to share is very personal and very painful. My one request before you continue: please keep any comments and questions about anything you read here off of facebook. I understand I am sharing this blog with tons of people since it is public, but I'd like to keep my facebook page a positive place.