Saturday, July 28, 2012

I actually had to get out of bed to write this down...

I just had the most fantastical of ideas!

I spent a good amount of time right before bed tonight organizing pictures into a photo album from the day I gave birth to L. After I went to bed I was just laying there reminiscing about the day I gave birth and how sudden and unexpected it was. Naturally, when I left the doctor's office to go home and pack that day, there were many phone calls that had to be made to let my family and friends know what was happening.

So I just started thinking, with all the things we capture on our phones these days (thanks facebook, twitter, instagram, [insert next big social media platform here], etc.), why not capture something meaningful? Why not capture the "now" of that day, the "in the moment" thoughts and ramblings? Why not capture THE TEXT MESSAGES sent back and forth on the day I gave birth?!

Sure, you can write your birth story and it will be as long, detailed, and as wonderful as you make it out to be. But the birth story is written after the fact. It's merely a glimpse of the details that you remember. Text messages are completely different. They happen as you go. They tell the story of any given moment. They may be the purest form of documentation in an individual's day...maybe even life!

I've gone through my phone and screen captured the few texts I have from May 4th, 2012. There aren't many. I imagine I called a lot of people rather than text. But there are a few. I haven't decided what I will do with them. Perhaps just print them and put them into one of the many photo albums I have dedicated to Baby. Years from now it will be interesting to look back at these texts and read the kind words of encouragement sent to me. Baby will have a mini glimpse into that day when she is old enough to be intrigued. I can't wait to show her. Here's one for you to enjoy:

P.S. If this goes viral on Pinterest, you know where the idea came from! ;)


  1. I am impressed that you still have texts from almost 3 months ago! I don't have any from yesterday! LOL

  2. That's the beauty of the iPhone!