Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas has 'past', but, presently, here's a look into our immediate future...

Santa came and went and although he did not leave me snuggly little puppy to cuddle with, he did bring me a beautiful Michael Kors bag that I would just as soon snuggle up to.

Can you blame me? Isn't she a beauty? SWOON!


I was blessed enough to receive a slew of other gifts that made me completely momentarily forget about the puppy. Maybe next year... ;-)

There's a possibility of a fun weekend trip coming up in the near future. Two destinations currently on the negotiating table are Newport, RI and Chesapeake City, MD. Newport was lot of fun last year (even in the midst of a blizzard) but I am leaning more towards Chesapeake to change it up. It doesn't really matter where we end up though...the people who are going are oodles of fun.

In other news, the time has come for D and I to say goodbye to our very first home together as a couple. I know, I know...we've said we were moving for the past 3 years or so but we mean it this time. We officially have no more room to live in this tiny one bedroom apartment. And you can forget about acquiring new belongings. I'm afraid to even buy a new pair of socks for fear this apartment is going to bust at the seams!

But don't get too excited, kids! We won't be buying a house this time around. Not yet, anyway. We will be settling for a 2 bedroom apartment to house us and all of our belongings for the next couple of years before becoming full fledged homeowners.

Our current lease is up at the end of February so we have two months to find us some new digs. I can't wait! No, seriously...I am counting down the days. I really do need some new socks!

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