Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Santa....

(Everyone secretly has a wish list. Here's mine...)

I've wanted one of these for a long time. I even picked out a name for a boy pup: Linkin!

These guys make my heart melt. I would take such good care of them. I really love the beagle. He looks so sad. I think it's because he remembered he doesn't have me for a mom. =(


Some other things on my wish list:

I've been a FUgg-wearer for quite some time. I am THAT girl. I rock Fake Uggs because the real ones are silly expensive. I've rocked Airwalk, Skecher, Steve Madden, and Emu. There's nothing WRONG with FUggs... but I am ready to move on.

Tip: If you ARE going to go with FUggs, I suggest Skecher... Emu is a close second. Steve Madden disappointed me. Normally I am Steve's biggest fan but his FUggs were disappointing. I actually threw them away. They were extremely itchy and I'm pretty sure they gave me a rash on my legs. Not cute. 

I am SO done with Fake Uggs.

This year I am wishing for the real deal (classic style of course).

I love accessories, specifically rings. I've always wanted a double finger ring like these but I never seem to find them anywhere! I think they are so cute and fun. I love the name rings and the ones with a word or saying.

And one more thing I really want to invest in is a quality hat, glove and scarf set. Every winter, other than a coat, I never seem to have adequate outwear. I've been telling myself for years that I would buy a nice, good quality set early on in the season but I never do it!

I'm loving this style hat and the color is perfect! I will be on the hunt for something similar.

I'm also loving Michael Kors handbags and sunglasses right now. And a classic Chanel purse is on my life-long wish list. Ahh Chanel. ::swoooooon:: Wishing is fun, isn't it? ;-)


  1. Get kids Uggs - that's what Mike did. Saved him a good chunk of change!! He bought me a 5 for my size 7 feet.

  2. Well, hello "Darla!" I feel like a stalker, but actually just saw the link to your blog while lurking. Love it and glad to 'see you' here! - ItalianGirl :)