Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New digs!

My apologies, dear readers. I have been too wrapped up with many things happening in the last few weeks that I have slacked on bringing you all of the most minor of my life's details. D is in Belgium right now so I have some time to sit down, get my pictures together and show you what has been taking up the majority of my time lately!

D and I are finally all (for the most part) settled into our new apartment but still working out some left over decor issues. Here are some before shots:

Bedroom (and D)


Spare Room



...during renovations.

Living Room
We took lots of after shots. However, there are no new pictures of the spare room right now because it's just storage. Hopefully soon that bedroom will have more going for it. Once it is cleaned out we'll decide what to do with it. But, if you ask my nephews, CJ and DJ, you will hear a different story. According to them, that room is their bedroom...all we need is a bed! ;-)

Here are the pics:

I absolutely love how my bedroom came out! My vision started with the bedding. I knew I wanted zebra and I found this set that I adore. Then I decided on the red paint, red sheets and black curtains. Though I did go out on a limb with black curtains. I wasn't sure D would like them and I also didn't want my bedroom to look like it belonged to a 16 year old emo kid either. But I'm really happy with them.

Much thanks to my girl Ange for helping me out with the bathroom <3
  I LOVE the green walls in the living room. It is exactly the shade of green I envisioned.

We're still looking for something fun to hang above this couch...

I love the way my cubbies and vases look against thegreen wall.

That wall piece is actually pretty straight. It's my hand that was crooked when I took this picture =)

I love my kitchen! We are debating an accent wall in the kitchen (of course in a different color than the other rooms). We are thinking about lavendar on the wall with the baker's rack. I also need to put some pretty curtains up.

 WE HAVE AN OFFICE! We were going to leave the walls white but I got a brilliant idea to do an "art wall" which of course had to be painted...

 We chose aqua:

 The art wall will be a work in progress. I will post pictures when my work has progressed ;-) I do have some great ideas from my girl Cozy on how to put this whole thing together. (Her blog is fantastic BTW and you should definitely check it out Thanks Cozy <3

And last but not least, the hallway with my awesome zebra rug runner!


  1. I love your bedroom! You had some great visions! And the runner, is SO you :)