Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've been yelled at...

by multiple people for not updating this blog.

But life got in the way! So here's a quick recap: In the past several months I've finished another school year (even worked up until the day I gave birth! but more on that later...), had a baby, and decided it's time to get back to looking like my former self. Pre-marriage former self that is. I'm notorious for making changes and then promptly forgetting about them days later, but I mean it this time. I'm not sure if it's the new baby hanging around my house that's made me realize I need to be a healthier, happier person but I am on a mission.

It's no secret that once people get settled into a relationship they start becoming a little too comfortable. I'm no exception. But I can no longer make excuses.

This is one change I have to make and keep myself motivated enough to stick to it. So far I've set easy goals for myself. No more soda, drink more water, get to the gym three times a week (this has actually been the easiest goal to accomplish if you can believe it! Baby comes with me and hang out in childcare while I take a class.), snack only on fruit, and stay away from the scale until one month from today. I imagine that last one shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. I usually avoid the scale like the plague on the regular.

I have all the reasons in the world to make this work. All I have to do is stick with it.

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